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The Wilding Pine team created banners to be used to highlight issues which are created by wilding pines.

These banners can be used by the community to increase awareness.

Please get in touch with the Programme team if you are keen to have a banner displayed at a community event.

Pull-up banners

These banners pull-up and are held in place by a central pole. They pack down into a long thin bag.

The messaging is on one side of the banner only.

Bellavim banners

These banners are made out of fabric and slip over the frame like a sock. The frame and stand  pack down into a long thin bag.
They are double sided, with wildlife on one side and a message on the reverse.

Some of these banners are already being used by our communities, but get in touch if you are interested in receiving one to be displayed.

The messages and wildlife are in fixed pairs as show below, i.e. you cannot mix and match.


                     Banded Dotterel                                                            Bellbird                                                           Black-eyed Gecko 


                         Copper Butterfly                                                          Dotterel                                                               Dragonfly 


                     Jewelled Gecko                                                           McCann's Skink                                                  Short-finned eel