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Late last year the Government allocated funding for projects in areas where the programme expects to increase control work, for projects with strong buy-in, where funding would make a real difference.

Wildings are threatening the delicate balance of the native shrub-land and tussock lands. Without action, they will overwhelm this unique and fragile ecosystem.

Volunteers have been a huge part of the work to fight wildings so far.  Large numbers have turned up for community days, including the Arrowtown Choppers who remove wilding pines in their spare time.

The Government provided $175,000 to help complete the control of the wilding pines in the Arrowtown area. This allowed the project to reach their target of $1.4 million, to complete work on removal of wilding pines started in 2017.

More than 25,000 trees have cleared by ground crews so far this year.   This will have massive biodiversity gains.