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Communicating why wildings are a problem can be a challenge.  We’ve developed a series of animations to help tell the story and help us stand out from the voices competing for our audience’s attention.

When it comes to breaking down and explaining complex ideas one of the best mediums is animation. It is versatile and allows us to explain complicated concepts quickly with visuals.

These have been developed for with flexible use.  They are short, simple and provide a brief summary on key topics we get asked frequently about wildings.  We’ve used them to promote wilding control as part of Fieldays online, on social media, and to support community meetings.

Initially we’ve developed a series of five videos.  They are all available (and shareable) from MPI’s Youtube channel. 

  1. The Threat of Wilding Pines
  2. The impact of wilding pines
  3. Where are the wilding pines
  4. Preventing wilding pines
  5. Removing wilding pines

Click here to see all the videos on one page.

Stills from the videos are also available for use in presentations from our Image Gallery.