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Wilding pine control efforts praised for exceeding expectations
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In last year's budget the government set aside $100 million for a four-year project to control wilding pines.

Biosecurity minister Damien O'Connor said the programme had made huge strides in it's first year - tackling more than half of its four-year target.

"Control crews and community projects treated 817,000 hectares from Te Taitokerau Northland to Motupōhue Bluff and created more than 1000 full or part-time jobs," O'Connor said.

"This success shows that concerted and co-ordinated efforts are succeeding in bringing large-scale wilding conifer infestations under control.

Wilding conifers cost New Zealand around $100 million every year in lost productivity, lost water for irrigation and hydro-electricity generation, and the costs of fire prevention and control.

O'Connor said central to the success of control efforts was co-ordination of resources and a collaborative model.

One of the groups working to control wilding pines is Wilding Free Mackenzie, which works under The Canterbury Regional Council (ECAN)

Community co-ordinator Haeleigh Turner said there was huge interest from farmers and community groups to get involved in the control programme.

"If wilding pines become established, they soak up a lot of groundwater, which means there's less available for say irrigation and agriculture," Turner said....

Visit RNZ's website for the full article. 

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