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Watch these short videos to learn why Wilding Pines are a problem - and what we're doing about them. 

We encourage you to share them on social media, embed them on your website, and use in presentations. 

And if you would like to see more on different topics, let us know at wilding.pines@mpi.govt.nz.

Can a tree be a pest? The wilding pine problem

A 90 second explanation of the negative impacts of wilding conifers (aka wilding pines), and how we are working together to protect Aotearoa and give our landscapes a better future.

Where are the wilding pines?

They are a problem throughout the country.


The threat of wilding pines

Early control is best to stop seed spread.

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The impact of wilding pines - part I

Wilding pine forests are dense and affect the growth of native bush.

The threat of wilding pines - part II

Wilding pines change the structure and composition of a landscape and environment.

Removing wilding pines

There are different methods to remove wilding pines from our landscapes.

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