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Wilding Pine information brochure

Take a look at our new Wilding Pine information brochure.

This is perfect for printing into a "trifold" leaflet.

Make sure when you print, set your printer to "print on both sides of paper" and select "flip on short edge" - this will mean you get the trifold effect on the end result.

The images are indicative of what the brochure looks like, but downloading the brochure will give you better quality  when printing.

Image of page 1 of the trifold wilding pine information brochure with a kereru on the right hand side Image of page 2 of the trifold wilding pine information brochure with a gecko in the centre and a map of New Zealand to the right


A lesson on wilding pines

Take a look at our lesson plan and activities for students and educators on the effects of wilding pines on our unique landscapes.

Download a lesson plan for students and educators.

What to plant instead to prevent the spread

Pines, firs and larches grow well in New Zealand’s High Country, but can also infest the surrounding land with self-seeded unwanted wilding trees. So plan your farm or landscape plantings carefully.

Please check with your regional council about the best species for your place.

You can also download this guide to trees with a lower risk of spreading wilding seeds into the high country. An updated, all-of-New Zealand guide is coming soon in 2023.  

 Image low spread planting guide

Image low spread planting guide front