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Get Involved

This page has information and resources for people and groups working to prevent the spread of wildings. 
If you're a landowner or landholder looking for advice about what trees to plant, or guidance or support with managing wildings on your land, try contacting a community group in your area, and please talk with your local council.
If you're a landowner or landholder and want to investigate whether funding opportunities exist to help with your own wilding conifer problem, please talk with your local council.

Farmers, forest and landowners

Be careful when selecting which tree species to plant, and where – check with your regional council before planting any conifer species.

Remove wilding pine seedlings and saplings that have established outside planted areas, before they develop cones.

Work with neighbours to control wilding pines that have spread across property boundaries. 

Hunters, hikers and other outdoor users

Pull out small wilding pine seedlings or cut small trees close to the ground. These trees can be left on site to break down naturally.


Can sponsor community projects and help spread the word – ask us for copies of our information brochure to distribute or download a printable copy

Anyone interested in wilding pine control

Can join (or start) a community group helping to control wilding pines (www.wildingpines.nz/get-involved/join-a-community-group), or spread the word on social media – check out the videos and images you can use.